Sunday, 6 May 2018

Propaganda that Killed Millions

Lies, Propaganda and Facts

One of the processes that led the Democrat dominated US Congress in 1978 to break the treaty the US had signed in Geneva I 1973 was a public opinion poisoned by propaganda lies.

It was a shameful thing for the US Congress to break a treaty obligation. It was all the more shameful when it left South Vietnam at the mercy of the 130,00 strong North Vietnamese invading army backed by hundreds of tanks as well as artillery pieces and aircraft.

As a result we know about a million Vietnamese fled as refugees with about half perishing in the attempt. We don't know the numbers murdered or”re-educated” by the Communists. WE also know that subsequently Cambodia and Laos fell, with two million of innocent civilians being brutally murdered.

Three Communist propaganda coups spread far and wide and repeated over and over by gullible or culpable media featured highly in this swing in public opinion. All three were powerful, emotive, but painted a false picture.

The Tet offensive was a simultaneous sneak attack on about 100 targets by the Viet Cong and NVA during a cease fire for the Tet holiday in 1968. The highly influential broadcaster Walter Cronkite witnessed part of it in Saigon. He assumed the violence of the attacks was an indication of Viet Cong strength, when in fact it was their last ditch “do or die” effort, and on returning to the States said that the war was “unwinnable”. Actually