Sunday, 20 May 2018

Hamas Propaganda

Hamas Propaganda Lies

At the time of writing this, Israel ha just celebrated 70th anniversary of its formation by the UN, Palestinians have bemoaned 70 years since “catastrophe” and the US has opened its embassy in East Jerusalem.

Hamas has organised huge “demonstrations” along the Gaza Strip / Israel border. The intent appears to have been to break through the border fence and cause mischief - perhaps attacking nearby Israeli communities.

TV pictures have shown Palestinians burning tires (for a smoke-screen), slinging stones over the border and pulling razor wire from the border fence in apparent attempt to break through. Other images have been of Israeli forces firing tear gas, and Palestinians carrying and mourning dead and wounded.

On one day Israeli forces reportedly killed 65 or 70 Palestinians. There has been outrage against Israel led by leftist groups. There was a demonstration in Melbourne where I live with people carrying Hamas flags – regardless that Hamas is proscribed as a terrorist group even by anti-Israel European countries! Naturally the claim was that these were all “innocent people” in a “peaceful demonstration”. However to substantiate the numbers, Hamas published the names of theose it claimed were killed. But 50 of those names were identified as Hamas operatives – that it terrorists!

Only week ago three Christian churches in Indonesia were atttacked by suicide bombers. The bombers in this case were all one family – father, mother, sons and little daughters. Yes, a “devout” Islamist mother strapped explosives to her very young daughters and led them into a church where sh detonated the bombs. The relevance of this is that Hamas (though Shia rather than Sunni) has the same fanatical attitude. They have no compunction in using civilians as human shields, and sending even babies into harms way (an 18 month baby died at the demonstrations from the effects of tear gas) and then using their deaths for propaganda.

We must learn from our gullibility over Communist propaganda during the Vietnam war which resulted in millions of innocent deaths. We must reject Hamas' lies!

Last post I mentioned “PragerU” videoettes. Here is an interesting short one on the past Gaza Strip / Israel conflict by a British Army Officer who was actually in the Gaza strip.


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