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Gender "Only the Knower Knows"

Only the knower knows”

This piece of pseudo philosophy is complete rubbish. But it is sneaking into every-day thought and it is being used to underpin the terribly destructive “gender fluidity” propaganda out kids are being relentlessly bombarded with.

One of my daughters is doing a course in librarianship. In a recent essay assignment, the course notes said “In archiving we cannot say we are storing knowledge because only the knower knows ...” So this perverse ideology is really infiltrating education.

Kids – from tender ages like 6 years old are being taught that no one can tell them what gender they are because – you guessed it - “only the knower knows” - so they alone know what gender they are.

Then the door is not just left open but kicked down by “educational” material persuading them that if they like activities normally associated with another gender (not just two genders remember!) then that's what they should “identify” as. So some boys are encouraged to dress as girls at school and use the girls change rooms (backed up by government mandate to the schools), girls who like skateboarding ate persuaded to have their breasts surgically removed and take testosterone and so forth – all behind the parents backs. And in some countries if parents find out and object they can be charged with “child abuse” and have the children removed to state care. Doctors who dare to advise kids against surgical and or drug sex change are ipso facto guilty of professional misconduct.
If you have not come across this hideous program it likely sounds unbelievable. If so watch one or both of these videoettes:

OK so this “gender fluidity” teaching is really bad. It is also built on a web of lies. One of these, as I said is that “only the knower can know” meaning in this case that only the child in question can “know” what their gender is.

So let's talk about what it is to “know” something.

An otherwise obscure professor named Edmund Gettier was told he had better publish something. So he wrote a short paper on knowledge that set philosophers on their ears.
He said – illustrated with an amusing story – that to “know” something required:
a) to believe the proposition was true
b) to have a sound reason to believe it was true
c) for it to be true.

For a huge number of propositions – just for a start: fire burns, ice is cold, eating a lemon makes ones mouth pucker … - things that most of us learn by experiment as children we can say are common knowledge. The child who has just touched a hot stove cannot claim that only they know fire burns – lots of us know that!

I don't think one has to go any farther than that to say “Myth Busted!” … “Only the knower can know” is false

Now to gender. Last post I said gender was about an individual's putative role in reproduction. Reproduction requires a sperm and an egg. If you have the sexual apparatus that normally produces eggs then you are a female. If you have the sexual apparatus that normally provides the sperm to fertilise the egg, then you are a male. Thee are no other options.

So if activists claim that a child “knows” they are a boy in a girls body or a girl in a boys body they are wrong on every level.

a) can the child believe this is true? Well I dare say sufficient brainwashing can make someone believe almost anything! But without brainwashing, can they? We were discussing this over dinner when my younger daughter put this argument: “A girl cannot say she feels she is a boy for the simple reason she cannot know what it feels like to be a boy because she isn't one! As a girl whatever she feels is something a girl can feel!”

For those who remember their maths; attributes (from people's heights to anything else) in populations show a spread around a mean generally like a “bell curve”.

If you take say, “all people age X” the curve is generally bi-modal. That is to say there are actually two means – one for males and one for females.

If you take adult heigh for instance, the mean height of men is taller than that of women, but for each sex there is a spread – some shorter and some taller than the mean. So whilst the mean height of men is greater than that of women, there are some women who are taller than some men. We all know that – we've seen it!

So to with masculine and feminine traits of every sort – men and women are different BUT some women score higher on a masculine trait than some men and some men score higher on a feminine trait that some women. That's just how life (and statistics) is. BUT to say in either case the person is a man in a woman's body or a woman in a man's body is is just plain wrong and also cruel and wicked.

b) Can a child have a sound reason to believe this? Well they are told it by teachers they trust and teaching material provided by the government education department which they might believe is to be trusted, and every attempt is made to stop them discussing it with their parents who would try to tell them the truth – so you might say that in their minds they have reason to believe they are the wrong gender.

But in fact this fails Gettier's test of being a good reason: They have a false belief that the government and their teachers will tell them the truth in this area.

c) Is it true? We are back to an absolute standard of truth. As I write this a foot-bridge collapse in Florida is in the news. The engineers doubtless believed it was strong enough to support itself, but in reality just five days after being put up it collapsed onto a busy highway crushing a number of cars and their occupants. There are absolute standards of truth: it was not true that the bridge was strong enough! (Gettier would say the engineers had a sincere false belief that it was)

As I have outlined above: Gender fluidity is not true: the boys are real boys and the girls are real girls

Yes there are genetic and birth defects which in olden days were surgically corrected if possible – now activists have banned this and convinced these unfortunates to live out their lives with deformed genitalia as “intersex” - another terribly cruel trick. There is also a real psychiatric condition “gender dysphoria”. Kids suffering from it have about four times the suicide rate of other kids – which is terrible. However U.S. statistics show that this sad suicide rate actually goes up for kids with it who are given chemical and/or surgical “sex change” therapy!

To conclude: No, it is definitely not true that “only the child can know their gender” anyone – by looking at their genitalia, or if doubtful checking their DNA can know definitely and definitively what gender a child is, and he or she should be brought up as that gender and to be confidant they are that gender even if say a girl is what used to be called a “Tomboy” - like Calamity Jane!

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