Sunday, 4 June 2017

the Mark of the Beast

Coming to a church near you …
The Mark of the Beast
Actually I hope not! But the possibility of churches becoming infiltrated so that “even the elect” are led astray to worship the beast is becoming disturbingly high. Here is a link to a sermon expounding Revelation 13 which I gave four years ago – I came across it again recently and was amazed (besides thinking “Oh dear, do I really sound like that!”) how relevant it is today! (well, OK, I missed militant Islam as one example of the beasts, but the example I picked there is coming to pass in Australia before our eyes)

The first beast is human government which has ceased governing under God and started governing as god. The second beast is the human “religion” that looks OK – even looks like Christianity – but is not. For instance ideology which is no longer under God but has started to be god and make its own rules as to what is “good” and “evil”. What is that today?

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