Saturday, 28 May 2016

Multicultural Madness 2

Multicultural Madness Pt 2

Perhaps I come across a bit anti-Socialist. Well I was, as many were, a raving socialist at university but that was many decades ago! You know the old saying: “Anyone who under the age of 25 who is not a socialist has no heart: anyone over the age of 25 who is a socialist had no head!”

Our problem now is that many grown-ups still hold views that are right out of the Communist play book. And as someone famous said: “A definition of madness is to keep doing the same things hoping for a different outcome” Perhaps “stupidity” would be more accurate. But the fact is that the Marxist - Leninist scheme has been tried again and again, always with the result of vastly increasing human misery and suffering! (Yes the Chinese have now under a Communist cum Capitalist system lifted millions out of poverty, but during Mao's “Great Leap Forward” 34 or so million people died of starvation!) So it seems almost unbelievable that people are again trying to dismantle the pretty functional system we have had in the West to bring in a supposed Socialist Utopia.

In case you may be asking: “what has this to do with “Multiculturalism?” the answer is: “Everything”.

The classic first stage of that creeping Communism better known as Progressive Socialism, is to destroy the existing system. Particularly to destroy the traditional morals and beliefs.

Multiculturalism has been a particularly valuable tool for achieving this.

Anyone trying to say what our culture entails is immediately howled down: “We are a multicultural society – you can't say that!” Even established customs are shut down in the name of multiculturalism: “You can't have Christmas Carols – it might offend the Muslims!” Of course it is not Muslims complaining but socialists of nominally Christian heritage!

Anyone criticising behaviour which up till now has been unacceptable in our culture is treated even worse: “that is a racist attack!” they howl using the New Morals where this ranks with sexist, homophobic and Islamophobic as the deadly sins.

A funny story on this: There was a spate of telephone scams going on a while back where the caller would claim to be from Microsoft informing you there was a problem with your computer, which if you let them take remote control of it they would fix. As you can guess, that ended badly for the victim. When I got – for the third time – a caller with an Indian sub-continent accent saying: “My name is Peter, I am from Microsoft ...” I replied : “It is people like you who are giving Indians and Pakistanis a bad name!” before hanging up. Later I got a call – with an Indian sub-continent accent saying: “My name is Paul, I am from the Taxation department ...” I said quickly: “I can't talk now, give me your number and I'll call you straight back.” Then I looked up the phone number of the real Taxation department and told them the story only to have the operator say after consulting her database: “Oh yes, Paul is one of ours” !

But many migrants, would fit in with the existing order if that were not hidden from them. Partly it is hidden because people are now afraid to say: “in our country we do it like this,” or “We don't do that sort of thing!” for fear of being vilified on social, or even mainstream media as “racist” because they have seen examples of this happening – even of people losing their jobs or having their companies boycotted.

I had a Chinese parishioner many years ago who complained to me how no one would tell him what the “right” way of doing things was. As an example he explained how you would address different people in the office you worked in. I can't remember the details, but the key feature was that it was rigidly structured on where you and they fitted in the hierarchy. As he said he was bewildered by the informality in our workplaces, but wanted to learn.

So this multiculturalism is not being kind to immigrants, quite the reverse. It is cruel to them by deceiving them into thinking it is better not to adopt the culture that makes this social order function properly. It is callous by using them – particularly the Muslims – as a human weapon regardless of the stock of social resentment this builds.

Migrants are being used as human weapons against the existing social order and against the dominant religion, Christianity. It really is a Socialist plot!

Muslims are encouraged to think that they and their religion are privileged in this country. Since many come from countries where they are privileged and Christians treated as second class citizens if not actively persecuted, and their religion is mandated and all others at least forbidden to proselytise, they fall for this ploy. Muslims then act a bit like spoilt children! But it is due to the scheming of social progressives of nominal Christian background to use them as a weapon against Christianity.

What we are seeing now on the Continent and particularly in Germany suggests that Socialist elements are using the same general plot-line but much more vigorously, aided by uncontrolled immigration from poor or war-torn Muslim countries. They talk as though they are “compassionate” perhaps they have deluded themselves that they are, but the end will be human disaster.

If you think “multiculturalism” means an accepting attitude to immigrants, and absorbing the best of their culinary and artistic traditions you are right to endorse it.

Tragically that is not how it is now being used. It is now a ploy to destroy the values, ideals, morals and mores essential to our countries' survival. It is particularly being used as one arm of a concerted attempt to destroy Christianity. But our modern democratic Western countries owe what they are to our Greek-Roman, Judeo-Christian traditions and beliefs, which have been painstakingly built-repaired-renovated over millennia. Destroy this and we sink into a new dark age.

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