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Homosexual Lobby

The Triumph of the Homosexual Lobby

Yet again I need to preface my comments by “Don't get me wrong” Though freedom of both speech and thought has been so curtailed in this area as in several others that I will still be branded a political heretic. 

Nevertheless I will say it: Don't get me wrong; I am not judging nor censuring those few who actually practice homosexuality, any more than I do adulterers, gossips & slanderers, drunkards, or the avaricious or power-hungry – just to name a few. We are all sinners. I had in one parish a young men's group of new believers who were able to support each other precisely because they were dealing with different life-controlling behaviours – a homosexual, a promiscuous heterosexual, a drug user, a thief …

However there is, here and in most Western countries, a powerful homosexual lobby

I first noticed it when the AIDS epidemic became a constant news item. I had folk in my congregation which at that stage had an average age of 60 or so years, afraid that they would catch AIDS. So I read through my wife's medical journals and found that in first world countries, transmission was basically by anal sex. (sharing needles was there but comparatively rare. In Africa AIDS was also transmitted by vaginal sex because, as the journals explained, much higher rates of promiscuity, and poor medical treatment led to a large proportion of sexually active African women suffering from sexually transmitted diseases which produced open sores – so that there was semen-to-blood contact – a perfect transmission rout for AIDS. This was rarely the situation in first world countries. Sorry about the gory details; but deceptive and unremitting propaganda by the homosexual lobby hid these and other facts from us.)

So in my little parish newsletter I told some of these facts. I copped a furious response from the Bishop for my intolerance, bigotry and lack of Christian compassion towards homosexuals!

The brilliant tactics by which a lobby group managed to convince an entire population that the problem of a tiny minority, caused by their own chosen behaviour pattern (epidemic needed male homosexual activity and promiscuity) was everyone's problem! It was a conjuring feat par excellence!

Then there was the “Gay Pride” movement with its marches through the streets. Marches that attracted official support, marches that seemed to be well attended by heterosexual families as well.

There was the “inclusiveness” dogma. Particularly in churches it became an article of faith that certain sorts of people must be “included” if one was to be truly “Christian”. So self-advertised homosexuals had to be welcomed. (I didn't actually have any problem with doing this part – after all I welcomed my “Ladies' Guild” members and most of them were unrepentant gossips and slanderers! Also most of the actual homosexuals I have dealt with were pretty decent human beings.)

Inclusion of one special category of people as an essential article of faith whilst happily excluding other categories of people is just plain unjust, and the slippery slope to heresy.

It is just a matter of history that this is precisely what has happened. We have had Anglican Bishops who were not merely unrepentant, but proud of the fact that they were engaging in homosexual acts. In Australia we had a public case where a Bishop accosted a young policeman in a public toiled and solicited sex! The policeman wanted the bishop charged with assault, but the case was quashed by his superiors because of the high profile of his assailant. The Bishop excused himself saying he “had a complex sexuality” and went on to greater things.

Rewind that! If that had been a heterosexual case the Bishop would have been out on his ear! Suddenly homosexuality has become a protected activity!

Can I pause here and make two important points:
1. It is the sex acts, not the orientation towards homosexuality that the Bible lists as a sin.
2. We are all sinners. But in the Christian church the idea is to be fighting the particular sins that haunt us. Priests, and above all bishops should exhibit progress towards godliness in their lives.

Marriage “Equality” Don't you just love the clever “newspeak”. Equality is Good, therefore by inference anyone opposing marriage equality is bad!

Not just 2,000 years of Christianity. But another couple of millennia of Hebrew culture and worship from which Christianity and modern Judaism sprang. And indeed the entire recorded history of every known culture is suddenly swept aside! It is a breathtaking occurrence! What was once banned has now not just become normal but sacrosanct.

In Tasmania the Roman Catholic Bishop issued a pastoral letter – just to congregants - outlining the historic Church and Biblical teaching on marriage. That is still (for the moment!) the law of the land: it is not lawful for two people of the same sex to marry. That Bishop is now having to defend himself in court after an “equal opportunity” tribunal found he had a case to answer for teaching against same sex marriage! Unbelievable? Yes, but true none the less.

Marriage is a social institution. Change it and you change society. How society will change is unknowable, but on the law of unintended consequences it will likely be bad. We have had quite a few examples of this in Australia in the world of nature. For instance: Early settlers though introducing rabbits would be a good idea – but the rabbits bred here to plague proportions and every measure to contain them has eventually failed.

Sexualising Children: of course it is not called that, but school programs are being funded and enforced by governments to make children of a tender age think in explicitly sexual terms, to think gender is a matter of choice not biology, and enlisting them to homosexual practices!

In my state the government – ater banning Christmas carols and religious education in schools has introduced such a syllabus. It is called by the Orwellian name of “Safe Schools”, ans its excuse is that homosexuals are being bullied at schools so such an awareness program right throughout the school life is necessary. This is patently a lie. This generation of school children have grown up with the political correctness that discriminates for not against homosexuals.

It is a big bad lie because bullying is indeed a problem at schools – but the choice of victims has little do do with their sexual orientation (if they are even old enough to know there is such a thing!)victims are mostly heterosexual). It is bullying however and to whomever it occurs that does need confronting – but this program is not interested in that.

It is simply a flimsy excuse for tearing down the traditional mores – regardless of the hurt it causes individuals. I was about to say “or the harm it causes to the social fabric” but that is of course precisely the aim. One of the formulators of the program admitted to being a Marxist and that the program was part of the Marxist agenda of destroying our society and replacing it with the Communist utopia. Perhaps the 34 or so million who starved in Mao's Communist utopia would should, if they could, from their graves not to go there!

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