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Abortion - Why I dare talk about it

Abortion – Why I Dare to Talk About it

Yes, I'm going to talk about abortion next!

Some three decades ago I stood up in the Synod of the small country diocese I was serving in, and introduced a motion which boiled down to 'abortion on demand is murder'. The reaction of the hundred or so church delegates was about nearly what I imagine would happen if one stood on the main street of Mecca and denounced Mohammed. The rage and fury was such that the chairman would not even allow discussion to proceed! So let me take this a step at a time. Before I even start looking at what the Bible says relevant to modern abortion practice let me explain WHY it is that I even dare to say what I am going to say.

Come in your imagination to a children's party. The kids are all playing about happily and delightedly stuffing every sort of sugary confection in their mouths. The parents have retreated to a place relative quiet and are enjoying a cup of tea (or maybe a beer or a glass of wine) and some savouries.

To this relative quiet haven bursts in Little Johnny. Johnny is dancing about, not making a sound but pulling funny faces and waving his arms about madly. Some parent says “Johnny go outside and play with the others, there's a good boy.” Another parent is more doubtful: “Are you sure there's nothing the matter with him?” She is hushed by a chorus of: “Don't talk like that ! You will just alarm everyone and spoil the party!” Then someone jumps up sending their chair flying: “Shit! He's choking!” runs to the child picks him up throws him upside down whacks him on the back and a large round lolly shoots out of johnny's mouth and bounces across the floor.

Need I say more? Seeing the truth can save!

Take another scenario. Some years ago in Australia there was a very sensible public health awareness program on prompt treatment of strokes. One TV advertisement showed an office scene where a middle aged man started to 'act funny' and everyone – thinking he was putting on an act – stood around laughing until someone rushed in and said “Don't laugh: Call an ambulance! He's having a stroke!” The reason for this public awareness program was that prompt medical treatment vastly improved the future outcome for a person having a stroke.

Take a story of denial. There is an old Monty Python skit which has become a classic about a man who buys a pet parrot only to find when he gets home that the parrot is dead. The pet shop owner staunchly (and hilariously) denies that truth. Why should the pet shop owner go to such silly lengths to deny the truth that the parrot is dead? Because there is no redemption. Dead is dead.

So I say that the progressive dogma that has pushed abortion on demand from the campaigns back in the 1960's is also a dogma that has no redemption and this is one reason people infected by it cannot bear to hear any one say “abortion is murder”. In fact in their minds or emotions or something the slightest hint of abortion being morally wrong seems to burn into their souls with unbearable pain. Without redemption being accused of complicity in murder is indeed unbearable. (the other reason is that that Progressivism is a totalitarian ideology that brooks no dissent)

But we have redemption!

We can say “abortion is murder” BUT God is in the business of redeeming murderers who repent! As scripture says “If we say we have no sin we deceive ourselves, but if we confess our sin, God is faithful and just and will forgive our sins and cleans us from all unrighteousness.” And again “Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners” and “... to all who received him, who believed in his Name he (Jesus) gave the right to become children of God” and we have a God who said “I know the plans I have for you, plans not to harm you but to give you a future and a hope.”

The Christian “Good News” is radically different from the (Nietzschian) Progressive dogma that has pervaded Western thinking. There IS redemption!

So when I say “in most cases abortion is murder” (which just to let you know in advance will be my conclusion) I am not upsetting the party, or being alarmist, or making people feel guilty: I am urging people to see the truth as the first step to fixing their situation up: to starting on the path to redemption!

So …

For women who have had abortions: the guilt you feel is real not imaginary: you have killed your unborn child; but God will heal you if you let him. God is in the business to saving sinners!

For men who have pressured the woman they got pregnant to have an abortion. You need to see that you are a real scumbag! You you had a duty to protect that woman – instead you forced her to kill her child. That is about as low as a man can sink! But, once you acknowledge to God the enormity of your crime He will deal with your guilt. You too can be healed, restored forgiven and become a beloved child of God with a future and a hope.

To you preachers who helped spread the lie that abortion is not a sin – do you even know the evil you have done! You are probably too far gone in the pay of the devil to even see or acknowledge your fault; but it was to YOU that Jesus said “If anyone causes one of these little ones of mine to stumble it would be better for them to have a millstone tied round their neck and be thrown into the sea”. Hell for you may well be an eternity of seeing with that particular clarity that hell affords just how you betrayed the women and men who looked to you for moral guidance. Yet even you “Christian” ministers can find redemption if you repent! There really is no limit to the merciful kindness of God towards those who leave their sin behind and come to him for forgiveness and new life!

So if what I say hurts you – don't squeal ; let God heal!

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